Social Life

Although the alfapump® does not treat the underlying condition, patients who have received an alfapump® System very often experience a significant improvement to their social life usually associated to their overall quality of life.

Many patients have been able to resume some of the light activities they enjoyed before suffering from ascites, such as swimming or taking a short walk. And many patients have reported an increase in appetite, enabling them to improve their nutrition, which is often critical in helping to manage their underlying disease.

Patient Michael B. received an alfapump® in 2012 and he has not looked back since. The alfapump® System helped Michael to improve his appetite and physical activity level. He responded so well to therapy that he is no longer being considered for a liver transplant.

It has been amazing, really!

Michael B.

“…once the alfapump was switched on it started to drawn the fluid away, it was set to a certain level, I think it was a litre a day to start off with, and things just got better fairly quickly.
… It has given me a new lease of life, essentially. Before, I was struggling with lack and breath, lack of appetite, and not really wanting to do anything, being unable to do a lot of thing, sleeping a lot. Since the pump, it has removed the fluid that was surrounding my lungs and other organs and has been amazing, really!”