How is it implanted?

The alfapump® is implanted using minimally invasive surgery. This simple procedure usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Your physician will provide you further information on the procedure.

The extensive research and development that went into the alfapump® is reflected in the sophisticated workings of the pump mechanics and controls. The alfapump® is programmed, charged and monitored wirelessly.

While you are reading or watching television, simply place the Smart Charger over the alfapump® to charge it.


The alfapump® is implanted under the skin and pumps up to 4 litres of ascites per full battery charge. It also monitors pressure in the bladder and abdominal cavity to ensure optimal fluid management.

Smart Charger

The Smart Charger is used to charge the alfapump®. During charging, data from the pump is uploaded to the Smart Charger which can be downloaded and evaluated by your doctor during hospital visits.


Standard implantable grade silicone catheters are utilized to collect ascites from the abdominal cavity and deliver it to the bladder. These catheters are implanted completely inside the body and are not visible from the outside.